Thoughts about the work of pizza chef

eating tasty pizza with friends

We consider pizza a gourmet masterpiece, why?

To make a dough for pizza takes just three basic ingredients (water, flour, salt) but in this simple product is enclosed a world of traditions, art and flavors that all over the world becoming pizza a symbol of joy, generosity and finesse.

We can look pizza just like a dough, a leavened bread with different toppings on top, but this is too simplistic description?

We believe so. Certainly, the dough should be done by following a regular procedure and a basic recipe recognized as valid, but we are equally sure that, after fullfilling time of processing, ingredients and doses, what make the pizza a product par excellence and artisanal, so unique is the intimate and personal relationship with the pizza man that works.

At this point come in 'top secret' secrets for a pizza dough ad hoc that every pizza man jealousy defends during his career?

Over the years we have heard so many stories about it, fables, tales and word of mouth tradition. We think that there are no 'secrets' in the literal sense that the term may have.
The metaphor contained in the word 'secrets' is just what the pizza man puts himself in the processing of dough, in terms of passion, values, experience and intimate consideration of the work.
For this reason each pizza dough made by hand will always be different from others.

freshly baked pizza delivering

How many times have we heard this phrase over the years by those who worked in our labs:

Why do not I get the dough like yours? Still I respected everything that is written in the proceedings! I did such as you do!

This is not a matter of arcane secrets. We believe that considering this job just a way to earn any profit, respecting 'only' procedures, rules and basic recipes aseptically and mechanically will never produce a good outcome, that one result that every person should demand of itself when it makes anything to himself and for others: success.